shop oil holders.

Upcycled hand crafted wooden oil holders ~ designed, created & hand crafted by myself & my father based in Brisbane, QLD.

Available in 3 different sizes:

Blends lover - Gently holding your 10ml blend rollers.

Oil Lover - Gently holding your 5ml,10ml and 12ml essential oil collection.

Oil Queen - Perfectly holding your 15ml essential oil collection. 

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted & lovingly coated naturally with a food grade safe and non toxic oil.

These pieces are made with so much love and passion, We create and craft in hope that we can reduce the carbon footprint by upcycling all scrap pieces of wood found in various locations over Australia. 

No creation is the same. They are all uniquely different from each other and that is what we love ~ please note: due to our wood being in natural form, slight imperfections may occur - which we like to think this just adds our one off pieces uniqueness.


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