Love animals, eat plants Tee.
Love animals, eat plants Tee.

Love animals, eat plants Tee.

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Love animals, eat plants Tee. 
This beautifully simple tee was designed to help bring more awareness to both adults and children. The conservation of earths beautiful creatures is what makes this world wonderful. This design tells a simple tale that hopefully resonates with all.
I encourage parents to spark conversation in anyway they dream with their wildlings. This tee was not only designed to promote a plant based diet, but was designed to make a change for the good of our wonderful planet and all of the beautiful life it supports.
$1 of each sale is donated to
T-shirt is an over sized fit so no need to size up 
Hand dyed and printed 
100% cotton 
Ethically made and dyed with non-toxic dyes
Box shape tee
 This design is exclusive to Oak meadow kids only 

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