Silicone Stretch Wrap
Silicone Stretch Wrap

Silicone Stretch Wrap

Plastic free July - CURRENTLY 15% OFF! 

Little Mashies reusable NOT plastic wraps are:

available in two sizes ~ a mixed 3pk (15cm, 20cm & 25cm) Or a large 2 pk (25cm x 25cm x 2)

Durable and reusable thousands of times

Made from food grade silicone (BPA free, PVC free, Phthalate free)

Nonporous and impermeable (bacteria resistant)

Freezer safe, dishwasher safe, oven and fridge safe (-40 degrees celcius to 230 degrees celcius)

Recyclable at home and at centres (melt down the silicone to create non-consumer products)

Remove the need for plastic wrap around fruit and vegetables

Can be used as a lid on jars, mugs & cups, and as a cover for bowls and plates